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Zoroastrian Return to Roots Launches Track B Tour 2015: Applications Open


Zoroastrian Return to Roots Launches Track B Tour

rtr2015-applyWe are very pleased to announce that the next RTR Tour will take place from March 10, 2015 to March 22, 2015. Participants will visit to historic and cultural Zoroastrian sites in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Gujarat, with world-renowned experts and local guides explaining the cultural, religious and economic significance of the sites being visited.

We are currently accepting applications from Zoroastrians between the ages of 20 and 35. However, consider applying even if you fall outside of the suggested age range. All participants must have had their Navjote/Sudreh Pooshi ceremony and have a Zoroastrian mother or father. Click here to apply.

To make the RTR tours accessible to all participants, we rely on the financial support of the community. Our future as a global community relies upon the connectivity and collaboration of our youth. We work hard to strengthen the bonds and passion of the next generation of Zoroastrians. If you would like to support our work, please donate here. We accept money in all currencies.


Press Release (PDF Format)

Application for Track B: 2015

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Return to Roots is a youth-initiated program designed to strengthen community identity amongst Zoroastrian youth the world over. The idea of a Zoroastrian Return to Roots Program was born out of the increasing disconnect between those Zoroastrians in the diaspora with their ancestral communities in Iran and India. It is a unique means of fostering community links and identity by taking small groups of youth on trips to explore their religious, social and cultural heritage.





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