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The Zoroastrian Return to Roots Program

The Zoroastrian Return to Roots Program aims to provide youth living in the diaspora an opportunity to experience Zoroastrian India through short tours led by community experts and scholars.

The main feature of the program is a 10 day tour of Zoroastrian India where youth explore and discover their heritage while learning about their commonalities and the diversity that exists across the diaspora. Our long-term goal is to run these tours to Iran as well.

We also aim to support local Zoroastrian communities and institutions within India as young Zoroastrians return to their roots and help revive the community globally.

The inaugural trip will be from 24 December 2013 to 6 January 2014 and will include attendance at the World Zoroastrian Congress in Mumbai.

Applications for the first tour in January 2014 are now open. Please apply here.

Applications close on July 01, 2013. We encourage applicants to apply before the deadline where possible.

What is the goal?

Bring together young Zoroastrians from across the world to recognize and understand their shared commonalities and traditions.

What will you experience?

Participate in educational and community oriented activities over a period of about ten days. The activities are based on the following themes:

  • Exploring the narrative of the Zoroastrian community in India (and eventually Iran) by visiting historical, religious, and archaeological sites
  • Learning about contemporary India: the role of past, present and future Zoroastrians in business, art, theatre, crafts, music, education, medicine, politics and literature.
  • Values, ideas and traditions for the next generation.

Go to the Trip section to learn more.

What happens after the tour?

Upon returning, participants will be expected to take leadership roles in their local and national Zoroastrian communities and join a powerful global network of Return to Roots alumni and partner institutions.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us or apply for the trip on the application page.

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