Shireen Havewala on Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera English TV had a panel discussion revolving around the Jiyo Parsi scheme and recent ad campaign. The panelists included two Return to Roots members.

Shireen Havewala, founder core team member of Zoroastrian Return To Roots and member Arzan Sam Wadia participated in this panel discussion along with Hoshaang Gotla and Simin Patel

To know more about the Jiyo Parsi scheme click here.

Here is the entire video recording.

If the youtube link below is non-functional, you can view the video here:


Return to Roots is a youth-initiated program designed to strengthen community identity amongst Zoroastrian youth the world over.

The idea of a Zoroastrian Return to Roots Program was born out of the increasing disconnect between those Zoroastrians in the diaspora with their ancestral communities in Iran and India. It is a unique means of fostering community links and identity by taking small groups of youth on trips to explore their religious, social and cultural heritage.