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Dr. Shernaz Cama: In Conversation

Parsi Times, a weekly newspaper out of Mumbai, India interviewed Return to Roots co-founder Dr. Shernaz Cama.


She is neither famous for being on a Zarthushti Board nor is she a member of the upper echelons of our Priesthood… and yet when Dr. Shernaz Cama speaks, people tend to not only listen but to understand. This dynamic lady from New Delhi is many things… a teacher to teachers, a student of some of the great scholars, a feminist and of course the Initiator and Honorary Director of the UNESCO PARZOR Project. She has worked with global bodies to understand how and where our Religion and Culture Àt into the larger scheme of things. Today she and her team share the task of bringing Jiyo Parsi to the world. She shares her journey and her thoughts in this exclusive and empowering chat with Parsi Times.

You can read the entire interview in PDF format.

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