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4th Zoroastrian Return To Roots Trip Kicks Off in Mumbai

The 4th trip of the Zoroastrian Return To Roots program kicked off today in Mumbai. Over 24 Zoroastrian youth from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates will participate in a 13 day trip through Mumbai and Gujarat.

At the opening orientation ceremony at the Cusrow Baug Pavilion, Aban Marker-Kabraji, Co-Chair; and Arzan Sam Wadia, Program Director; welcomed the participants and gave them a brief outlay of what the RTR program is about, a brief historical overview of the program since inception and its hopes for the future.

Aban outlined the support and belief of worldwide Zoroastrian institutions, organisations and individuals who see value in the program and what it offers and come out in support of it in various ways including funding, logistics and support.

The RTR Fellows intrdouced themselves and spoke about what they hope to take away from the intensive 13 day program.

Over 4 years and 4 trips the RTR Fellows now numbering 65, have become empowered ambassadors as they return to their communities world over.

Always envisioned as a youth-driven initiative, this year’s program is primarily run by RTR Alumni Zubin Gheesta and Sheherazad Pavri of Mumbai, Ruxshin Dinshaw and Natasha Karanjia of Karachi, and Kayras Irani of Vancouver.

Follow the journey of these 24 youth over the next 13 days by following their Facebook Page and Instagram Feed.

2017 Return To Roots Tentative Itinerary

The 2017 Return To Roots Trip shall be run from December 22, 2017 to January 3rd, 2018.

As with our previous trip, the program will go through various cities and towns. Below is a tentative outline of the program, which will continue to be fine tuned till the end as we get confirmations from various organizations and places that we will be visiting.

To get a flavour of our past trip programs click here

To know more and apply for the program

Tentative Program for the 2017 Trip

Thursday 21Dec: Participants arrive into Mumbai

Friday 22 Dec: Return To Roots 2017 Begins. Full Day in Mumbai

Saturday 23 Dec: Leave early AM leave for Udvada. Enroute visit Nargol and Sanjan

Sunday 24 Dec: Iranshah Utsav in Udvada

Monday 25 Dec: Morning Depart for Surat

Tuesday 26 Dec: Surat

Wednesday27 Dec: Villages of Vansda Taluka

Thursday 28 Dec: Navsari

Friday 29 Dec : Full Day in Dahanu, Bordi, Gholvad and return to Mumbai late night

Saturday 30 Dec: Full Day in Mumbai

Sunday 31 Dec: Full Day in Mumbai

Monday 1 January: Full Day in Mumbai

Tuesday 2 January:  Full Day in Mumbai. Program ends in the evening. Participants can start departing later at night.

Everlasting Flame: A News Report

NDTV Primetime did a TV segment about the Parsis, including an interview with Dr. Shernaz Cama, the Director of the PARZOR Foundation, and the Co-Chair of the Zoroastrian Return To Roots Program.

NDTV…. “In this segment, we explore the Parsi community and their lasting influence on art, music, economy and technology. Mumbai and Gujarat being the hub of Parsi community, a series of exhibitions about Parsi culture were held across New Delhi. Each show focused on a different facet of the Parsi history and culture, shining light on the Zoroastrian ancient traditions which began in Iran.”


You can watch the news report on Youtube